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Stop Perpetuating Sterotypes and other things we wish we never hear again.

        I have never been more embarassed to be a Wiccan than I was when Phyllis Currott, supposedly speaking on the behalf of people just like me, picketed, whined, and all around media blitzed the movie "The Blair Witch Project," for committing the sin of bothering her pretty little head by using the term witch.  I'm not going to turn this into a rant against blonds, because, as a red head, I'm aware of my innate superiority over blonds, and it's just not fair to fault someone for a naturally born (or chemically induced) handicap.
        Well-meaning blonds, I mean witches, of all kinds have targeted this or that for misappropriating (their word) the word witch, a word they are attempting to "reclaim."  Of course, any Witch worth her green skin and broomstick knows that this reclaiming is, of course, nonsense, because the good wittle witches of our past didn't call themselves witches, the people hanging, burning, torturing, threatening or just looking for them did. (and don't tell ME green skin is an evil stereotype, Ranter Delta is a beautiful hunter green, with a complexion to die for, and if you are racist enough to hate green people, that is YOUR problem).  You're CLAIMING, not RECLAIMING, and while there is nothing wrong with that, other people got first dibs on the word, and you don't have the right to tell them what to do.
        The closest thing I can imagine to the outcry over Blair Witch that Carotbrains thought to create on our behalf would be if a group of middle class rich West coasters suddenly screamed and whined over the Disney Movie Atlantis because they, in fact, were the Atlanteans, and Disney got it all wrong. Or if they fought against the Jurassic Park movies because they were reclaiming the word "dinosaur" and those movies clearly made dinos out to be evil bad critters when "everyone" knew that dinosaurs were sweet gentle souls that lived at one with the earth.
        In literature, and in the myths of our past, Witch was ALWAYS used to mean the bad guy, the green skinned (sorry, Delta), kid-boiling, sometimes satanic, Hansel and Gretl luring Wicked Witch of the West.  You can call yourself a witch and by it mean a practioner of Modern Wicca, a Satanist, an FMT, a BTW, or just a weirdo. You can even call a mythical creature in a forest in a stupid low budget movie that some people actually paid to see a witch, and not only are you NOT politically incorrect, you aren't wrong.
        So Phyl, dearest, sweetie-poo, stuff it. If it was called the Blair Wiccan Project you'd have a valid gripe, but it wasn't and you don't. They have as much right to the word, maybe more so, than you.  As we so often end these things :

GET over yourself!



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