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What the rede says if you can read.

        It is very easy, if you are not quite bright, to pass over the Wiccan Rede as a too-simple "law" that moronic Wiccans follow, a rule that says "harm none," but the Rede does not say harm none. The eight words that make up the Wiccan rede are:

"An it harm none, do as you will"

    True, "harm" and "none" are in there, but the logic that says the Rede says "harm none" also makes it say "it harm" and "none do" which are equally nonsenscial. "An it harm none, do as you will," translated into modern English, is not "Do only that which harms none," it is "Actions that do no harm may be done as you will."
    I have used the passive voice here on purpose. The Rede is not a commandment. It is not "thou shalt not," it does not tell you what not to do. It ONLY tells you what TO do, if it is your will-that which does no harm.
    Perhaps the elder Witches are morons in assuming this would be obvious to the rest of the world.  It does not say what not to do-only what to do.....
    It does not say that that which harms none is the only thing you can do, either.
    Here is a really, really, really long version of the rede, which explains the whole thing, for the literacy impaired:
        You are aware of your thoughts and actions, so you know your will, a thing deeper than want-animals want-things that think, that are completely sentinent on the human or higher level have Will: intention and desire, based on knowledge of the self.  Everyone who can know their Will can do their will-act within their intention, desire and knowledge of self to achieve an end.
        Wiccans, however, are oblidged to attempt to live in a manner that works with their faith.  Their Will is limited by choice. They may do freely, as their will dictates, only those things that harm none.  They are limited in doing those things that can cause harm by the dictates of their faith. Those dictates are not stated in the rede, those dictates are given elsewhere in their faith, the Wiccan rede speaks only to those things which they can do willy-nilly, to their heart's content, without even having a spare thought for their faith-those things in the category of "that which harms none."

And that is what it's all about.

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