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Why is is morally responisble and downright RIGHT to bash bunnies.

INDENTIgnorance, they say, is bliss. In truth, however, ignorance is a massive disease that spreads like a cancer unless it is attacked with a painful and life changing therapy of drugs, radiation and the surgeon's knife. In our lives as Ranting Witches, we've been told it is "wrong" to bash bunnies, but in truth, any Wiccan or Witch who does not bash bunnies is a part of the problem, what, in the old days, we called "traitors to the craft."
INDENTYou may ask yourself, what harm do bunnies do? They simply lay their little droppings on the web, without harming anyone, and we are meanies for yelling at them.
INDENT#1. They disrespect Pagan intellectual property rights. By posting "the Rede of the Wiccae" or "the Thirteen goals of the Witch" or stealing artwork or music or poetry. This devalues the artist's work, sometimes damaging their ability to make a living. When they request that their work, or the work of another, is credited or removed, (both are reasonable requests) they are mistreated by Bunnies who were in the wrong to begin with. Said bunnies may never undo the damage, may claim fraud, may create spam campaigns or email bombs. ALL OF WHICH I HAVE PERSONALLY WITNESSED. and why do these bunnies get up in arms? because they were asked to do the right thing. Some grow up, and do it, but far too many just get so upset at being asked to do the right thing they throw a hissy fit and complain to their friends that they have been "wronged."Click here for info on one group defending Pagan Intellectual Property rights. Do you know who wrote everything on your webpage?
INDENT#2. They Breed. When Bunny A puts the "Rede of the Wiccae" on her website as "The Wiccan Rede" Bunny B does the same when she makes her website, and Bunny C, D, E, F and G do the same. One bunny makes many. If no one ever tells Bunny A she is wrong, Bunny A can't be responsible for all her baby bunnies. BUT, maybe, if someone tells Bunny A, she'll go looking for her kids, and tell them. Or maybe that's expecting too much.
INDENT#3. In the old days, we called those who harmed our faith "Traitors to the Craft" and hoped they'd fall on their own blades before they harmed another of their faith. Frankly, the Gods don't know those who harm freely as their own. Those of the Wicca, whether Brit trad or Other, know this. Traitors to the craft are those who harm others freely, like people who spread lies about us. Whether the lies are about things like eating babies or being a 20,000 year old faith is unimportant. What matters is that they are lies. And as the Gods say to liars, in the words of one Wiccan poet, "I never knew thee, and never saw thy face, masked as you were in disgrace"
INDENT#4. They make us all look like idiots. is described, at the link that says "About JHS Ministries" found on every page, like this: "JHS Ministries is a satirical newsletter for a fictional church. All post are parodies of ultra right wing religous fanatics. This might be obvious to some, others were completely fooled for some unknown reason."
There is no reason to believe this page is a real right Wing church, because it is funny as hell, and yet, LITERAL DOZENS of Pagans have bitched, moaned, and sent hate mail to this site. They NEVER took even 5 seconds to click the "about" link to see if it was a parody. Their "forms" of Paganism, including Wicca, had them so primed, so damn ready to believe that Christians were as evil as this site makes them, that they believed the site was the truth so deeply they refrained from clicking that "about" link, but had time to post how mean those damn Christians are. If you don't believe me, click HERE to read their comments to the webmaster, and to ME. And it's not just "Jesus Hates Smut" Read the Hate Mail at Propaganda for the Paranoid, which features a silly page on Halloween which is clearly a hoax, or read the guestbook or mailbag at , a website where people who email them must first pass by a page that says "this parody copyright...." on the bottom.

Do you Remember in "Keep Witchcraft Traditional" people talking about people who get upset easily being the problem???? The List moderator of a now defunct elist called "Pagan Hate Watch" had to CLOSE IT DOWN because of all the complaints about clear and obvious hoaxes, satires and Parodies (and the Blair Witch Project).
If these bunnies are not bashed, ALL WICCANS are reflected as iliterate nutcases. It is our obligation, as elders, to correct them, it is our obligation, as sane people, to give them drugs or what they need to find sanity, but mostly, we just have to keep hitting them until they get it because they look like morons, and are standing next to us.

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