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20 Types of Bunny Droppings

        How do you recognise a Bunny when they aren't standing right in front of you? The same way you recognize any forest creature, by their droppings. Remember that bunnies eat their own feces, because their incomplete digestive systems won't let them glean all the nutrients the first time around.These droppings are listed in order of their presence in the world, from least common to most.

#1. Squishy, green, breaks down on exposure to sunlight.
        This dropping is the "you aren't fair enough to newbies" dropping. They often lay it when someone questions them on their statements. Other bunnies will come along, ingest it, and deposit their own piles of it. It often occurs with #2.

#2. Hard, green, breaks down on exposure to sunlight.
        This dropping is the "why are you picking on my friend" dropping. It occurs when one bunny lays a #3 or a #5 and gets themselves thwapped or hurt. The bunny's friends and offspring then come along to chime in on their displeasure.

#3.Slimy, black, Stinks to high Heaven.
        This dropping is the newbie teacher dropping, a still fairly rare type laid by only a few bunnies. This dropping contains huge amounts of misinformation, and, when ingested by student bunnies, produces hallucinations.  Good bunny hunters will seek the source of these deposits with relish, because bunnies that ingest these droppings ofen become infected with the worms of misinformation and self-grandiosity.

#4. Hard, Gray-Green, no smell.
        This dropping, when laid, nutures and fertilizes the forest. When eaten by other bunnies, it can cure worms and toxic infections. This is the dropping of "I'm learning and I don't know."  Bunnies that lay these droppings don't create websites, or, if they do, they credit authors and admit when they don't understand.  Hunters can capture these bunnies, nuture them, and make rabbits out of them, or just let them be, because they will often evolve on their own.

#5. Huge, Black, Smells of vomit.
        This dropping is the one-book bunny dropping, the bunny that reads one book and is suddenly a scholar, even on things that weren't covered in the book. As with the newbie teacher dropping, sweet and innocent bunnies ingest this, and turn into evil bunnies from heck. Bunnies laying this are often insalvagable.

#6. Small, Pink, huge quantities.
        This is the ultra gullable bunny dropping, proof of a diet rich in psedoscience, fantasy-taken-as-reality and sheer silliness. Bunnies laying these often cry "I got a new love spell, but Mama Copperhead's website says I need to purchase her book to complete the spell and mommy won't give me enough money!!"

#7. Sticky, lumpy, multicolored, smells of rotting flesh.
        This is the dropping of the toxic bunny. The toxic bunny reacts to criticism, real or imagined, justified or not, by creating a letter writing or spam campaign. If the toxic bunny is not killed or reformed, it may become the Contagion Bunny (#8) or the Fundie Bunny(#10)

#8. Hard, Round, bits of worms.
        This is the dropping of the dredded contagion bunny. This is the bunny whose fears, anger, angst or poor scholarship is coupled with enough charisma to convince other bunnies to eat her foul, worm-ridden droppings, thinking it is good for them.

#9. Soft, Multicolored, Candy coated.
        This is the dropping of the Silly Wabbit, a variety of fluffy bunny, often in the years between bunny and rabbit, who can produce copious amounts of full grown rabbit fertilizer, the kind we all should strive for, but every now and then lets out a parcel that she, herself, doesn't really believe.  This is the bunny who really wants to help but her goals, such as a deeper peace between fans of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, just aren't worth your time.

#10. Square, White, Pasteurized, has no smell to its creator.
        This is the dropping of the dreaded fundie bunny. The fundy bunny was a Toxic Bunny, #12, or #18, but then she found Jesus.  That she never understood Wicca when she WAS Wiccan is not the point, now that she is a fundie bunny, the bunny eating sheep tell her she was an expert.

#11. Gold plated, but still just feces.
        This is the dropping of the title collecting (and creating) bunny. Amazingly, At a tender young age, she is a high priestess, a native american shaman, a Celtic druid, or whatever else she reads about. She often also lays dropping #20.

#12. Fluid, magenta, smells like lighter fluid.
        This is the "I'm not responsible for it" bunny. If she violates a copyright, she's not responsible for it. Steals a graphic or poem-not her fault-hurts her friends-nope, not her issue! Of course, such bunnies must change or die. She may become a fundie bunny, a toxic bunny or a #19.

#13. Hard, Black, no smell.
        This is the steath bunny. She sneaks around, pretending to be all the other kinds of bunnies, then vanishes, only to pop up elsewhere. Rather than change, she just hides, does it again, and vanishes when caught.

#14. Huge, singular, multicolored.
        This is the blatent thief bunny. The one who puts awards on her site she didn't get, or publishes well known works as her own.  They should just be shot.

#15. Black, singular, in a deep, deep hole.
        This is the so-deep I'm shallow bunny. This bunny's website has his poems on death and darkness, and vampires, don't forget vampires, but they are really pretty horrid. He's in Wicca because his parents don't want him there.  He may also be a #17.

#16. Hard, Round, Black, copious
        This is the should know better bunny. Maybe a parent, or a long time Wiccan, this is a person who does something incredibly stupid without youth or newness as an excuse.
#17. Multicolored, on top of another bunny's droppings, smells like vomit.
        This is the my parents hate my religion bunny. SURE, her parents have the RIGHT to declare what she, as a minor, can and can't do, but she doesn't care. Watch out, because she feels that her interest OBLIGATES teachers to teach her.

#18. Looks like the droppings of any bunny near them.
        This is the hard to spot me too bunny.  If Starling RavonnaFox put a spinning pentacle on her website, she needs one too!

#19. Varies, it's somebody else's dropping.
        This is the flagrant abuse of copyright dropping, a bunny who lays this lifts quotes and whole websites from other people without giving them so much as credit. If thwapped, this bunny will lay dropping #7 or #1.

#20. Fluid, blue, large quantities.
        This is the not uncommon dropping of an "ignorant on purpose" bunny. This bunny could learn more, but fashion dictates against it, and this bunny is ruled by fashion.  If you attempt to help this bunny, it may lay dropping #12.



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